Miniature Garden Gray Speckled Flagstone Stone Patio Sheets
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Gray Speckled Flagstone Patio Sheet, Large Sheet

A pretty color scheme for the miniature garden. Soft, rounded stones are speckled gray throughout the sheet. These sheets are made from natural stone and sometimes the batches vary.

The stones are glued onto a mesh sheet to make installation quick and easy! 

  • mesh can be trimmed with scissors
  • the stones are easy to peel off to re-glue and fill-in in spaces where you need them
  • use gloves when peeling off stones
  • stone is freeze proof 
  • can work for 1/2" scale (1:24) as larger pavers/flagstones
  • can work for the 1" scale for regular stone patio 
  • perfect for the dollhouse flooring too
  • Large sheet is 12" x 12"

How to Use It:

  • cut around stones easily with scissors
  • you can peel the stones off the mesh easily
  • cut it into strips, for a path through the garden
  • fill in the cracks with sand or soil for a non-permanent patio (Note that the stones will become unglued eventually if it's not "locked in" with our Mini Patio Mix - see below.)

For an Easy Permanent Solution:

Easy and quick to use! Create your own custom brick patio with our Mini Patio Mix Kit for a miniature Patio that will not wash away when you water! For indoor or outdoor use, it is weatherproof, durable and very adaptable. See the listing under #PAKT101 for more information and pictures.

*This is a scaled miniature product and intended for adult use only.


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Gray Speckled Flagstone Sheet, Large Sheet

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