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Mini Cypress Set ~ 1 Ellwood's Blue & 1 Snow White ~ Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 


- These conifers can be grown or overwintered indoors in a cool spot, like in a sunroom or next to a drafty window with indirect sun. When inside, keep it away from any direct heat source or hot rooms, like the kitchen.

- When your trees arrive, gradually introduce them to the warmer, indoor temperatures as it is coming from the cool winter temperatures in Seattle climate right now.

- Keep the soil barely damp during the winter with very moderate watering as the plant is dormant. Water the plant more often during the summer growing period. 

OUTDOOR INFO: These Cypress are cold hardy to -20F or zone 5 and can be planted right away in containers, or in-ground if the ground is not frozen. 

HOW TO ACCLIMATIZE YOUR TREE: For acclimatizing a tree from the warm to the cold, and vice versa: Over a 3 to 5 day period, introduce the tree to the new temperature slowly by placing it in the desired place for longer periods of time each day, gradually leaving it outside overnight. The garage, basement or porch is usually a good in-between spot for most situations. 

  • Indoor: bright, indirect light
  • Indoor: cool temperatures, away from any heat sources
  • Outdoor: Can be hardened off to Zone 5 (-20F) and good through Zone 9 (30F) 
  • Outdoor Heat Zones: 9 - 5 
  • Outdoor: Part sun/Part shade
  • Let it try out to damp between watering, do not let the soil dry out
  • Fertilize after 2 years if planted in a container
  • Growth rates average under 2" per year
  • Plants come in 3 2" pots

We've had success growing this in a container without drainage holes (a dish garden.) You must be careful with the watering in this case, and let it dry out to barely damp in between watering, to avoid over-watering.


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Mini Cypress Set of 2

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