Miniature Garden Supply Kit
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Only from Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center! A miniature fairy house kit for the miniature garden - makes two houses!

NOTE - this is not for a fairy house - it's for TWO MINIATURE FAIRY HOUSES!! :o)

These kits are assembled from dried natural elements collected from our miniature gardens and our full-sized garden here in Seattle. The wood pieces are rhododendrun, cherry, birch, blueberry or madrona. The grapevine tendrils are from our own grapevines too. EACH KIT varies in the beads, baubles and bling AND each kit has more than enough parts to make your miniature fairy house your very own. 

Photos included for inspiration and there is a diagram to give you a head start in assembling the wee house.

Each kit is a bit different. All you need is you and the glue - and maybe some scissors. 

Each kit contains:

  • Wood pieces for the base and house
  • Roof materials varies
  • At least 4 different kinds of moss
  • Wood pavers for pathways and/or stairs
  • A "human element" for scale, a rustic dish, pan, pot or similar
  • Beads, buttons, baubles, bling and fairy dust
  • Micro gravel and/or pebbles
  • Grapevine tendrils
  • Dried seed pods and/or miniature cones
  • Tiny rocks and/or gemstones

And whatever else Janit can fit in the box. :o)

GLUE RECOMMENDATIONS: Regular white glue (or Aleen's Tacky Glue) for indoors only. This house isn't waterproof if placed outside. Hot glue is tricky when working in miniature and not recommended unless you are experienced working with it. 

*This is a scaled miniature product and intended for adult use only. Contains tiny pieces, not for young children.

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Miniature Fairy House Kit

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