Miniature Garden Lights, Gold Cord, 13ft.
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Miniature or fairy garden lights for the miniature Halloween or Thanksgiving garden! Light up your life with these festive orange lights. BONUS: They have a timer that turns them off after 6 hours and back on after 18 hours! 

The string of lights are safe for outdoor and indoor decoration, but may age if left out in the rain too long. We're still testing them but the batteries last a long time, after about 5 weeks, the light gets a bit dimmer, but at night you don't notice.

- 13 feet long
- Timer function! Can be set to turn on for 6 hours, turn off for 18 hours
- Three AA Batteries are required

- Orange lights with a black cord
- 40 LED light string 

- Flexible 
- Water resistant

- Battery pack is sealed, easy open and close
- A bit fragile, don't bend the wire too much
- Wire shouldn't be cut or twisted

Batteries not included.

Arbor not included.

Not meant for children, the lights need a gentle touch.


  • Item #: EQ-LGHT11

Miniature Garden Orange Lights, Black Cord, 13ft.

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