Pink Chintz Thyme Mini Garden Bedding Plant for Miniature Gardens or Fairy Gardens
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Pink Chintz Thyme - Thymus serpyllum 'Pink Chintz'

A pretty ground cover thyme to use as an understory plant for your miniature garden bed. Expect this thyme to look more like a shrub than low-growing ground cover. Looks great along a pathway or at the edge of the miniature patio, or plant it to trail down the edge of a pot or rock wall.

Pink Chintz Thyme has a deep, rich green colored leaves tinged in red, with a deep red colored stem. A very classy combination. Dark pink flowers in mid summer.

  • full sun
  • needs good drainage sun
  • let dry out to barely damp between waterings
  • will spread along the ground
  • a bit taller than our other Thymes, can grow to 5" tall
  • salmon blooms in mid-summer that change color as they age
  • cold zones 4 to 10, hardy to -30F
  • heat zones 9 - 1
  • an outdoor plant
  • divide every second or third year to keep fresh


*Flowering photo is from the grower's catalog.



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Pink Chintz Thyme

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