Jacquelline Hillier Elm
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Seiju Dwarf Lacebark Elm ~ Ulmus parvifolia 'Seiju'

New to the Two Green Thumbs' inventory, the Seiju Dwarf Lacebark Elm is an excellent candidate for bonsai, so we know it will be the same for miniature gardening - except without all the high maintenance. Slow grower, prune in late winter to slow the growth rate down even more. Deciduous, meaning it will shed it's leaves in the fall.

  • Tiny Leaves
  • Trees are about 6" to 7" tall right now
  • Will grow into an upright broad canopy
  • A popular Bonsai subject
  • Sun to part shade, shelter from hot sun
  • Regular water
  • Grows 2-4" per year
  • Can be pruned easily when dormant to slow down the growth even more 
  • Upright broad shape
  • Hardy Zones 5 to 7 or -20F 
  • Heat zones 7 - 5
  • An outdoor plant 

Note: This is a deciduous plant. It will lose its leaves in the fall and come back in the spring when the weather warms up. An outdoor plant.


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Seiju Dwarf Lacebark Elm

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