Sophisticated Fairy Gardening, Advanced Techniques
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Sophisticated Fairy Gardening: Advanced Techniques, Ideas and Imaginings, By Janit Calvo

~ An addendum to Gardening in Miniature: How to Create Your Own Tiny Living World ~

FINALLY! It's here! The first installment in our fairy garden series. This has been several years in the thinking and making. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed getting out here for you to see. Happy Fairy Gardening! - Janit

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The Introduction

Fairy gardening has captivated the imagination of gardeners throughout the countryside as people are cleaning out old wheelbarrows and clearing forgotten beds in the garden to make way for these tiny magical people. Some blame the grandkids to help explain their passion to outsiders, others are more than eager in sharing anything fairy ry and can’t seem to get enough. The mere mention of the word fairy instantly sends the mind spiraling into a fantasy world filled with plants, pretty wings and sparkles in the air. It’s such a creative idea too, ripe with magic and bursting with inventiveness and originality. 

The fairy presence is interwoven throughout our history and reaches back for centuries in almost every culture. Some regard them as angels that have come from heaven to help us. Others don’t think about them as mystical beings until we get in the garden or take a walk in the forest but, aren’t they always there? Have you ever been out alone in a forest or field and felt the presence of something? Have you ever caught something out of the corner of your eye only to turn to look, and it was gone?

Welcome to a romp in the fairy garden as we add a touch of the fae to our miniature garden expertise to bring you a honest and candid view of how to make a believable and realistic fairy garden. It won’t be “if you build it, they will come” sort of thing though because… Wait. Did you hear that little sound just now? It could be your fairy, they are already here and waiting for you.

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Sophisticated Fairy Gardening, Advanced Techniques, PDF

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