Miniature Garden Stone Patio Sheets, Terra Cotta Color
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Terra Cotta Colored Flagstone Patio Sheet, Large Sheet

A monochrome terra cotta colored flagstone for your miniature gardening pleasure. Even coloring throughout the stones can lend an age to the miniature garden setting. A great match for brown or terra cotta pots.

The soft, rounded stones are glued onto a mesh sheet to make installation quick and easy! 

  • mesh can be trimmed with scissors
  • the stones are easy to peel off to re-glue and fill-in in spaces where you need them
  • use gloves when peeling off stones
  • stone is freeze proof 
  • can work for 1/2" scale (1:24) as larger pavers/flagstones
  • can work for the 1" scale for regular stone patio 
  • perfect for the dollhouse flooring too
  • Large sheet is 12" x 12"

How to Use It:

  • cut around stones easily with scissors
  • you can peel the stones off the mesh easily
  • cut it into strips, for a path through the garden
  • fill in the cracks with sand or soil for a non-permanent patio (Note that the stones will become unglued eventually if it's not "locked in" with our Mini Patio Mix - see below.)

For an Easy Permanent Solution:

Easy and quick to use! Create your own custom brick patio with our Mini Patio Mix Kit for a miniature Patio that will not wash away when you water! For indoor or outdoor use, it is weatherproof, durable and very adaptable. See the listing under #PAKT101 for more information and pictures.

Get Matchy-Matchy!

Like to coordinate and play with colors? This Peach Flagstone sheet will look great with our Tequila Sunrise pebble sheet. Use the small stone sheet as a border around the flagstone, cut a strip to make a path through the patio or just mix and match. You can't beat our Mini Patio Mix Kit for locking in your design quickly, easily and permanently!  

*This is a scaled miniature product and intended for adult use only.


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Terra Cotta Colored Flagstone Patio Sheet, Large Sheet

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