Tiny Miniature Garden Miniature Cherub on Pedestal
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Tiny Miniature Garden Cherub & Girl

Take a closer look at this one and you'll see the cherub's wing wrapped around the girl. I'm not sure if we can get much sweeter than this. 

  • very nice detailing with pleasant faces
  • painted resin
  • completely weatherproof
  • staked on a rod to hold its place in the garden soil
  • 1" tall by 1" wide by 5/8" deep 
  • ** Can be used in any scale as a tabletop sculpture for the larger scales, or full-figure sculptures for the smaller scales

*This is a scaled miniature product and intended for adult use only.

  • Item #: FG4525WH

Tiny Cherub & Girl Statue, White, Staked

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