Ceramic pot for indoor miniature garden Miniature Garden Chocolate Chip Stone Patio Sheets
Ceramic Pot with Saucer, Olive Green RectangleChocolate Chip Stone Patio Sheet, Large Sheet

For indoors or protect from freezing.

12" x 12" sheet



Miniature Garden Supplies, Concave Branch Cutter, Hand Forged Steel Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop Book
Concave Branch Cutter, Hand Forged SteelHOT OFF THE PRESS!! Gardening In Miniature Prop Shop

Sharp blade cuts flush.

"Your book is fabulous. Thorough. Charming. Endearing."
- The Empress of Dirt 



Miniature Garden Mini Garden Plants Miniature Garden Supplies, Knob Cutter, Hand Forged Steel
Irish MossKnob Cutter, Hand Forged Steel

Sagina subulata

Cuts inward for even healing.



Mini Patio Kit in BULK for Miniature Gardens Miniature Tree Set of Six: Tsukumo Sawara Cypress, Thoweil Hinoki Cypress, Cumulus Sawara Cypress, Whipcord Western Red Cedar, White Pygmy Sawara Cypress, Nana Lutea Hinoki Cypress
Mini Patio Mix ONLY, 20lb, Shipping Included!Mini Set Six: Hinoki & Sawara Cypress, Dwarf Cedar

Just the Mix Ma'am! 
Shipping is Included! 

Full sun to part sun



Miniature Garden Trees: Blue Planet Spruce, Thoweil & Butter Ball Hinokis Miniature Garden Society, 1 Year Subscription
Mini Set: Blue Moon Cypress, Butter Ball Hinoki & ThreadbranchMiniature Garden Society, 1 Year Subscription

Full sun to part sun

Comes in a gift-wrapped box!



Mini Patio Kit in BULK for Miniature Gardens - Medium Kit Miniature Garden Terra Cotta Pots
NEW!! Medium Bulk Pack: Mini Patio Mix KitTerra Cotta Pots, Medium, 2" tall, 3pc.

USA Shipping is Included! 

Large or Medium size, 1" or 1/2" scale




Miniature Garden Terra Cotta Pots Miniature Garden Supplies, Twig Shears, Hand Forged Steel
Terra Cotta Pots, Small, 1 1/4" tall, 3pc.Twig Shears, Hand Forged Steel

Any scale


Long handle for hard to reach places.



Mini Patio Kit in BULK for Miniature Gardens Gardening in Miniature Book
Large Bulk Pack: Mini Patio Mix Kit, Shipping Included!Gardening In Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World Book

For Custom, Permanent Miniature Patios or Paths
Shipping is Included! 

by Janit Calvo

A bestseller! 



Miniature Garden Supply Kit Miniature Garden Supplies, Round-nosed pliers
Miniature Garden Supply KitRound-Nosed Pliers

Handy items for miniature gardening! 

Comfortable grip.



Miniature Garden Supplies, Small Floral Wire, 28 gauge How To Make a Miniature Garden, PDF Instant Download
Small Floral Wire, 28 gaugeHow To Make a Miniature Garden 2.0, PDF Instant Download

Strong, sturdy and handy

Version 2.0



Miniature Garden Mini Patio Mix Kit Miniature Garden Mini Patio Mix Refill
Mini Patio Mix KitMini Patio Mix Refill

Works for any size or scale

Refill mix and sand only



Cobblestone Patio Kit for 6 Large Miniature Gardens Mixed Stone Miniature Garden Workshop Kit for 16 Large Miniature Gardens
Cobblestone Patio Kit, Workshop Kit, Shipping Included!UPDATED: Mixed Stone Workshop Kit in Bulk for 16 Large Gardens

For parties, workshops or centerpieces!

Great for parties, events or workshops!



Miniature Garden Stone Patio Sheets, Mother Earth Miniature Garden Variegated English Boxwood, Buxus sempervirens 'Variegata'
Mother Earth Stone Patio Sheet, Large SheetVariegated English Boxwood - Indoor or Outdoor

12" x 12" sheet

Buxus sempervirens 'Variegata'



Miniature Garden Plants for Miniature Gardening
Fairy Vine

Muelenbeckia complexa