Miniature Garden Shrub White Pygmy Sawara Cypress
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White Pygmy Sawara Cypress - Chamaecyparis pisifera 'White Pygmy'

The coloring is just lovely in the miniature garden - as the tips of the tiny foliage are a lovely cream color, turning into a beautiful gray-green color as you follow the branch towards the center of the shrub.

Shear it in late winter to keep it in a tight ball and to encourage the white tips. Full sun brings out the white tips also. A very fun cypress! 

  • Creamy tips with rich grey-greens
  • Fun globe shape
  • Pretty coloring all year round
  • Growth rate less than 1"/yr
  • Zones 5-8, Cold Hardy to -20F
  • Heat Zones: 8-1
  • Full or part sun
  • Regular water
  • Shear in late winter to promote white tips
  • An outdoor plant
  • Pot shown is 4 inches in diameter


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White Pygmy Sawara Cypress

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