Miniature Garden Wire Netting Bush - Corokia cotoneaster
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Wire Netting Bush - Corokia cotoneaster

A new shrub to our inventory but not to our miniature gardens. The Corokia is a slow-growing conversation piece that is more stems than leaves. Native to New Zealand. These plants get better with age as they fill-in slowly. 

This particular variety is a bit different and I'm not able to pinpoint the proper name of it yet. The leaves are more serated than the regular Corokias, and the stems don't zig-zag as much.

Yellow flowers in late spring can turn to red berries. The Corokia likes good drainage if in a pot or in the ground and, from my experience, likes to be ignored somewhat. Don't pamper this one.  

  • Can be pruned, snip just above a set of leaves to hide the cut mark
  • Prune back any wayward branches to keep it's shape
  • Don’t let it dry out completely between watering unless established in the ground
  • Drought tolerant when established
  • Protect the young shrubs from winter exposure
  • Hardy Zones 8 - 10 or 15F
  • Heat zones 12 - 10
  • Full sun to part shade or filtered sun
  • Can be grown in-ground or in a pot with good drainage
  • Regular water with good drainage
  • Comes in a 4” diameter pot



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Wire Netting Bush

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